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Wado Kai Karate Denver Colorado



Wado Kai Denwakan Colorado

Karate classes at Denwakan are traditional and friendly. Cultivating habits of respect and courtesy are an important part of learning traditional martial arts.


Before the formal beginning of class, one of the instructors or senior students leads warm-ups. These are combinations of karate movements, stretches, and conditioning exercises.  

We formally begin each class by acknowledging our founder and showing respect for our instructor and fellow students. Next comes a moment of meditation as we recite the dojo precepts. We are now physically and mentally prepared for class.

Class varies each day, depending on what Kurobane Sensei feels we need to work on. There are many ways to improve! We may practice basic drills, timing, rhythm and footwork.  We practice kumite drills (sparring) and we work on our katas (forms) at different speeds to focus on the application of the moves and to obtain a better understanding how our mind and body work together. 

There is a great deal of individual attention in every class. Students are expected to pay close attention to the instructors, and also to their fellow students. 

Please contact us by phone (303) 234-9236 or by e-mail to discuss a trial class and for information on class schedules.   

Keeping your mind engaged, your body healthy and your spirit invigorated is a great way to deal with COVID.  


Karate is a great way to work on these goals.  


We hope to see you at our dojo!!!

Wado Kai Karate Denver Colorado

Celebrating 50th Anniversary


First rate traditional Japanese karate dojo. Sensei Kurobane has 40 years of teaching experience. He adapts his teaching methods to the student’s age and abilities with students ranging from 6 to 65 yrs old. Injuries are minimized, the training is both physical and mental. It applies well to everyday life and refines character. The students are friendly and helpful, some have been with the dojo for decades. The karate style is very efficient and logical. Highly recommended!!
Jim Nolan

Wado Kai Karate Denver Colorado