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  • Physical fitness. Karate training improves cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility.
  • Self-esteem. Teaching at Denwakan is positive and affirming of progress. With each class, you gain confidence and belief in yourself and what you can accomplish.
  • Balance. Diligent karate training enhances both physical health and mental peace. Balance between mind and body helps to put aside stress in everyday life.


Wado classes at Denwakan are non-belligerent and structured. Instructors give each child individual and personalized attention. Students have fun learning the art and sport of karate while developing respect for themselves and others.

  • Discipline. Karate training helps increase motivation and self-control. Parents may notice that their children begin to study on their own without prodding. Respect and courtesy are emphasized in the dojo (training hall), and this carries over to home, school, and the playground.
  • Concentration. Children learn to ignore distractions, their powers of concentration increase, and vigorous workouts reduce the ‘fidgets’. Parents are often pleasantly surprised by improvements in their children’s grades.
  • Confidence. Karate training improves self-esteem. Parents will enjoy their children’s new confidence and the success it brings.

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“Karate has been a wonderful experience for both me and my son. It is much more than exercise. It has helped us both find that mental-physical balance that is missing in so many people today. Thank you, Sensei!”

Dan Goldstein